We give free money to the poor, no strings attached – and earn well on it

(previously called UBIcoin - but no, this is not a crypto)


A method of doing Unconditional Basic Income for the entire world,
non-politically eradicating poverty globally in a few decades.

A profitable project launching Unconditional Basic Income across borders,
by cross-political consultancy firm and think tank SamfundsTanken.


This is a digital currency, built for 1000 UBIseeds to be given to every user, every month, as UBI. This 'free money approach' ensures quick critical mass.

UBIseed will attract commercial investors as well as impact investors, with the 1% transfer fee resulting in great ROI and keeping inflation at bay, while the value builds smoothly due to our telecom sponsors.

To know more about UBIseed, have a look at the downloads below:

Quick overview of the basics of UBIseed and the strong diverse team behind this digital currency.

The latest newsletter about our progress, $1.6M funding round closed and advisory board.

This Value Increase Overview shows how UBIseed value rises for users, Product Partners and investors.

Short pitch deck for investor's overview and the most important facts.

Long deck (previous pitch deck), explaining how UBIseed is already well-tested and can go global.

The Whitepaper deals with UBIseed in great detail and explains the science and thoughts behind it.


+45 91 89 51 44
CVR: 37100129


Damvej 27,
DK-4300 Holbaek
(near Copenhagen)